live at serraglio

live at serraglio
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lunedì 20 giugno 2011

londra in luglio, col bene che le voglio: contemporary dance piece "Arranged Marriage"

ecco un estratto video del passo a due intitolato "Arranged Marriage" coreografato da Devaraj Thimmaiah e musicato da me (come dicevo qui).
come annunciato (e con mia somma gioia) lo spettacolo replicherà al Royal Opera House a Covent Garden (Londra) il 21 e il 22 luglio.
a 'sto giro riuscirò a presenziare fisicamente.
di seguito una recensione della performance di gennaio a cura di Graham Watts:

Untitled from Devaraj Thimmaiah on Vimeo.

Arranged Marriage was performed in Resolution! 2011 to wide acclaim. Here is a review by Graham Watts for Resolution Review:

"A powerful, superbly performed, duet brought this excellent programme to a close in Devaraj Thimmaiah's Arranged Marriage. A former dancer with Shobana Jeyasingh and Tavaziva, Thimmaiah has the rare performance quality of combining machismo, elegance and fluidity and he was consummately matched by the beauty of Fukiko Takase (Henri Oguike Dance Company). Supple, sinuous flexibility, with movement rippling through spines and shoulders and unfurling along Takase's long limbs into the very tips of her toes and fingers, raised the bar of anything I've yet seen in Resolution! 2011. Thimmaiah's choreography is punctuated by elements of Bharata Natyam and Capoeira within a broad contemporary structure that was often balletic in its use of developpés and arabesques. I always look at the words ‘experimental piece' with foreboding since it can be an excuse for ‘not yet finished', but Thimmaiah's fifteen minute choreography was not only complete but polished into a very fine gem. I would happily pay to see it again any day soon.

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